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Aqua Enamel «AQUA»

High-quality glossy acrylic enamel on a water basis, designed for painting indoor and outdoor premises surfaces according to the application instructions.

Sphere of application: concrete, plaster, drywall, indoor and outdoor metal and wooden structures.
Easily applies and creates a long-lasting glossy film on the surface, which has anti-corrosion properties, protection from fungi and mold, and besides the surface does not crack, does not swell and becomes sufficiently resistant to temperature changes, sunlight, high humidity, frost, or high heat. Tinted with any water-soluble pigment in pastel shades as «Base A».

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Wash resistance:
The paint forms a coating that is resistant to washing with a use of non-abrasive household detergents.

Surface preparation and application method:
Clean the surface from the unfast old coatings, dirt, rust, grease and dust. Putty surface defects (except metal surfaces). To obtain more durable and uniform color coating and reduce paint consumption, it is recommended to prime the absorbent bases.

Do not add materials to the paint, except those that are specifically recommended by us.
It is strictly forbidden to apply the paint on a wet surface.
The paint is fire and explosion-proof, does not have an unpleasant odour.

Conditions for painting:
The painted surface must be dry and clean, minimum surface, paint and air temperature — + 5°C, maximum relative air humidity — 80%.



Super white



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