The Colours — you want

K-COLOR LLP, T/A REMALUX: High-Quality Affordable Products Meeting Best European Standards.

Headquartered in the Republic of Kazakhstan, K-COLOR LLP, T/A REMALUX is the leading producer of paints and varnishes. We offer our customers a wide range of top-quality paints manufactured under a British license using raw materials from famous French, Belgian, German, Dutch and American manufacturers. We manufacture all our products following European quality standards and best practices and offer our customers much more affordable prices than our competitors in the industry.

Why do customers choose our products?

• high quality;
• innovative production technologies;
• cost-effective materials expenditure;
• competitive prices;
• professional after-sales and support service;
• wide range of products.

Innovative technologies and modern production methods

Our company produces high-quality paints and varnishes using advanced innovative technologies and modern developments in the field of chemistry. We have rightfully earned our reputation by consistently offering our customers high-quality and ergonomic (safe to use) products at competitive prices.

After-sales and support service

We guarantee our invaluable pre-sales and after-sales services for each of our customers. Our company focuses on satisfying the most demanding requests of our every customer by providing the highest-quality products, complemented by the same level of highly professional customer service.

Our clientele

Our products are made to easily meet the requirements of the most rigorous top professionals for application at prestigious representative-level facilities. They are also perfectly suitable for use by ordinary people looking for materials for their homes or for independent cosmetic repairs.

Wide range of products

Our company specialises in the production of decorative texture coatings as well as textured paints, water-based paints, an assortment of varnishes, acrylic glue and PVA glue, aqueous emulsions for outdoor application and decoration, grouting putties, latex finishes, primers, decorative plasters, varnish paints and much more. Our specialists are ready to assist buyers choose the right shade and dye their selected products to their desired shade. We offer our buyers a wide assortment of paints, varnishes and coatings with guaranteed quality meeting European standards at the best prices. We are constantly updating and expanding our REMALUX product range to cater to all our customers engaged in any interior and exterior decoration project.

Safety and Comfort in Application

Water-based products are non-toxic. Since they do not contain volatile organic compounds, REMALUX paints are odourless. This brings a great advantage when handling such products, which professionals who work with paints and varnishes every day would appreciate. This will also be useful to amateurs finishing and decorating their own homes in a short time. Rooms decorated with our products bring a sense of comfort and a feeling of relaxation and security to people and pets living and working in them.

We Offer Great Prices without Sacrificing on Quality

Our company is a great believer in the economical use of materials and the lowering of the costs borne by the end-users of REMALUX products. As such, when creating our paint, lacquer and grout recipes, we take advantage of innovative technologies and the most modern production methods, which we also improve constantly. Each new paint and varnish assortment is always of a higher quality, with guaranteed maximum savings on the material used. Expensive products are not always of high-quality, and high-quality products do not always have to be expensive. Our manufacturing specialists make every effort to lower the cost of production without compromising on quality.

With Us, The High-End Becomes Available

K-COLOR LLP, T/A REMALUX specialises in the production of high-end materials. In creating its own paints, our company is guided by the long-held expertise and best practices of German and Italian masters originating from the Renaissance era. We also strive to closely monitor all our innovations continuously, in the process assimilating and implementing only the best! Visit our website to find out more information about the types of materials and services that we offer. Our company's highly-qualified specialists are ready to answer any of your questions and give their expert advice on all challenges and tasks, including calculating the required amount of material and helping to select a particular product for specific needs.


Our company has been serving the construction market for more than 15 years. During this time, we have earned an excellent, well-deserved reputation, accumulating a significant number of satisfied consumers. Our regular customers are located in cities and regions throughout the republic: Almaty, Astana, Karaganda, Atyrau, Shymkent, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Aktau, Aktobe, Kyzylorda and many others. The company provides its products to organisations and private consumers throughout Kazakhstan and beyond, including the Russian Federation and Turkmenistan.