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Noble effect

Дата публикации: 06.12.2015

Remalux®’s Paints for decorative coatings.

 Some time ago decorative effects were the privilege of elite houses, now due to new technologies and availability of materials everyone can dress out his office or house with them. Such materials allow for reaching of the most various effects. They can imitate natural stone, wood, fabrics, create “semi-antique” coatings, effect of gold, pearl, etc. At different method of application such paint-and-lacquer materials will make your interior unique and inimitable at relatively low expenditures.. 
Our factory manufactures wide range of materials for decorative finishing:  

Decorative structure plasters for internal and facade work

What is decorative plaster:

It is high-build coating having certain surface finish. Surface finish of well as methods of application.

Advantages of plasters usage:

Advantages of plasters usage:• One operation of decorative plaster application solves several tasks of finishing.
• Various unique decorative surface finishes can be obtained.
• Plaster facade coating has high vapor permeability, mechanical strength and resistance to weather impacts.

Which plasters we manufacture:

High-quality acrylic structural plasters for facade and internal work in accordance with British technology. They are applied on all types of mineral base materials based on cement, lime, on old dispersion coatings and on surfaces specially prepared by paints. They are tinted in different colors from pastel to saturated under your selection.

Do you want to apply plaster yourself?

You have decided to plaster your house or office but you deal with such plaster for the first time? Technical expert of factory will train you for free the methods of its application at our office. If the object is complicated the expert will himself come to you, give all necessary recommendations and train your employees.


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