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Дата публикации: 30.08.2015
Noble effect
Some time ago decorative effects were the privilege of elite houses, now due to new technologies and availability of materials everyone can dress out his office or house with them
To decorate but not to escape!
High-quality acrylic enamels in wide range for external and internal work. Our enamels practically do not have smell, are not harmful for health and quick-drying.
Outside and inside
Are you interested in performing of interior furnishing to a high standard without excessive payments? Then we are at your service and we offer for your selection high-quality acrylic water-dispersion paints “Remalux”
Fundamentally and for centuries!
Years, centuries, ages are passing…but we still are wondered by mastery of great artists. As Volter said one time “slow hand of time smoothes the mountains”

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