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Our Projects

Дата публикации: 30.08.2015
Kazakh National Technical University after K.I. Satpayev is one of leading educational establishments in Kazakhstan. It was founded in 1934.
National research, educational and recreational centre Bobek is situated in scenic countryside of Almaty City, environmentally friendly zone of magnificent Tyan-Shan mountains.
Keremet Residential Complex in Almaty City
Keremet Residential Complex is one of the best residential projects in Almaty city. A characteristic feature of Keremet residential complex is spacious internal yards for recreation and walking as well as all comfortable infrastructure – stores, dry cleaner’s, beauty salons and others, that allows us to call it as Keremet micro region.
Mega Tower Almaty
Piece of architecture that includes three new 25-floor buildings – it brightens Almaty city and creates special comfort for all residents.
“Astana is personification of new and dynamically developing Kazakhstan; symbol of renewal and independence of our Republic”, – N.A. Nazarbayev
Nur-Astanа Mosque
New attraction, Nur Astana Mosque, was opened in March 2005 and instantly integrated into super-modern buildings.
Schoolchildren’s Palace in Astana City
This magnificent youth centre combines various sport, educational and entertainment programs under one roof.
Emerald Quarter Residential Complex in Astana City
Emerald Quarter Residential Complex buildings have 37 and 49 floors. 49th building is 201 meter high! This is the highest building in Kazakhstan to date. This architecture has a large number of unique features: starting from 32nd floor the area of each floor is continuously increased.
Residential Complex in Vodno-Zelyoniy Boulevard in Astana City
This airy piece of architecture is designed based on principles of dynamics. The most complex forms have been created using limitless repetition of simple elements. The buildings are non-symmetrical. The complex uses simple, clear volumes and lines.
Parisian Quarter Residential Complex in Astana City
Parisian Quarter is a modern residential complex for conceptual new life style. Its concept – elegant style in architecture and design, personified by romantic and extravagant notes of France – is embedded in the name of the complex.
Sunny City Residential Complex in Astana City
Sunny City Residential Complex is a perfect solution for those willing to buy a comfortable flat at reasonable price.
BI Village Cottage Town
New style for modern and successful – this is a compact cottage in the suburbs, beautiful garden, friendly neighbours, safety and playground for children.
Saryarka Entertainment Centre in Astana City
Saryarka Entertainment Centre is convenient modern multi-purpose trade centre with unique design and architecture.

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